Friday, 23 March 2012

For My Dear Sister


I just want to let you know that you are the one who means the most to me on Earth. You are the one companion who has shared with me all the trials and difficulties of life. You are the one who stays when my friends turn away. You rejoice at my happiness, and when you do, you make me feel I am important to the world. You are the one I can freely sing and cry to. You are the arms I can run into. All of this, without having to wait for an invitation. You are the smile in my life and the hope that remains when everything else has turned bad. I am silly and weak at heart, dismayed by every little thing people tell me, you are my source of comfort and courage then. You nurse me when I’m ill, and you never let me tire. You are sister, and mother and father in a whole to me.

I may have shouted at you when you were being lazy or when you talk loudly, but I still love you. I may have not stayed by your side during the times I did not want to encourage your follies, but I still love you. I may have said bad things to you in anger, but I still love you. And this, you should know: I will always love you.

Even if we are separated one day, I know that I would have never lost you. You are special to me in every way. I have a friend for life, and not just for few days and nights.

May you be gifted with life's biggest joys and never-ending bliss. May all your dreams be wrapped in a gift box to you by God. You are yourself a gift to the world and to me. And for that, I consider myself the luckiest of all.

Happy birthday my lovely sister.

I am a day late, forgive me. You told me yesterday not to touch the PC because you wanted to reply to your birthday wishes. I did not, I know you will check my page, like you do everyday. Else, it would have been a pity to miss the surprise and even more, that drop of tear would not be rolling down your cheeks.

With love,
Your 'Ti Poupette'


  1. May Allah bless you forever, Samirah. I pray that you do good in life :)

  2. Thank you Sis.. it had been my best birthday,and even i love you a lot. However you are, whatever you said i don't mind because i know you have your reasons..
    For me you are everything, and i also like when you shout at me, because its the only time you speak a word miss silencer.. i will never let you be harm by anyone even if it is from our close, i will accept the harm on me rather inflict it on you, because you are my baby. Its true that you are silly and weak at heart and am not because i have all seen the bad side of the coin and let you get just a look at it.
    I will accept all my mistakes the day i commit them and i have never hide anything from you, but instead said it indirectly to you.
    i have always wish the best for you, and will do in future also.
    Even if we are separated from each other, i will always remember you and my doors will be always open for you, and if i close my eyes early, and if am granted heaven for some of my good deeds, i will ask for you and mom and ask permission to be your guardian so as to continue in protecting you from this cruel world ..
    however you are, you are the best sister ever,I love you, and will do so even if i will be ever rejected by our family one day, always remember that i will be here for you and mom.

    With love and tears
    Your ' Gros Paresse'

    1. I so wish there was someone else who loved me as much as you did. :)
      But now, forget the blog and birthday, time to remember your exams. :P

    2. As much as i do, not did, because i still love you.. Yeah exams time now.. ;)

  3. Wow! That was so sweet. No, not the Alpha part, but Alpha-sister part. :P I'm kidding. I have no words, literally. Happy Birthday to Alpha-sister. :) And keep up the good work of writing, Alpha. You do it different. You do it good. :)

    With love,
    Basim :)

    1. Thank you.. Its alpha's sister, so it has to be sweet, otherwise am dead :P

    2. Pleasure is all mine, miss. And, haha that was soo honest! :P Thank you for picking on Alpha, it's always nice and definitely a privilege (not really, sorry Alpha :P)


    3. Lol. Thank you Basim. :P
      I love being different. I love being me. :D

      Thank you for checking around. There must be airplanes somewhere.:)

    4. "A privilege". It definitely is one. :P