Sunday, 9 February 2014

Beach Dinner on Paradise

Melt in embraces of the warm sunset
Let your dreams and shadows lie
Along the foamy shores of eternity
Where hopes and love don’t die

The immortal fusion of the sun and the sea spells of a romance that is eternal, of a moment that is worth a lifetime. Experience with your loved ones a dinner in paradise wrapped inside a dreamy frame, where time no longer seems to exist.  

Be barefoot so you can feel the soft, beige crystals of the Mauritian sand gently caressing your feet. Tunes of the melodious waves crashing on the graceful shoreline will accompany you throughout, while the cool sea breezes will fragrance the atmosphere. Colors of the rainbow will have dispersed into the clouds and one by one, you will contemplate the last rays of the day’s sunshine disappearing into the horizon. The sky will be ablaze with color: fiery orange, sunflower yellow, crimson red, purplish pink… slowly to be replaced by the indigo of the night. Soon, stars will wander overhead while the ocean will glow with reflections of the ivory moon. 

Delicacies offered by the best chefs around the island will thrill your palates: Creole, Indian, French, Oriental cuisine, seafood, Italian pastas, and so much more to discover. But on the beach, it is not just about the food and savor… You will have reached the destination of your life.

In almost every hotel located along the coast, you can have a beach dinner organized on request. However, some of the hotels do organize it on a routine basis and even though you are not a guest of the hotel, you can benefit from this activity—but if you really want something romantically exceptional, we strongly recommend that you liaise with the hotel staff so they can include exactly what you want: your type of music, flowers, champagne, candles, kiosque—you mention it, even if it’s just exclusive privacy!

If you don’t want to go for the perfect romanticism and prefer the party atmosphere, there are yet many options to choose from. Here is a bit of what the hotels in Mauritius organize as beach dinner and beach dinner parties on a routine basis:

-         Shanti Maurice Resort, Chemin Grenier
Divine beach dinner

Absolutely divine because you will feel like the God and Goddess of love in this purely romantic setting where you can ‘meditate under the moonlight while you await your dinner’. Your private cabana bed on the beach secluded by the flowing cotton curtains will literally cut you out of this world, to remain solely in the company of the one you love most. The nearby bonfire will inflame the romance. 

Dinner is served on an exclusive basis—in fact, the chef and butler will be there with you to create the courses you prefer. You can expect an appetizing BBQ meal, served with champagne and the dreamy serenades of a violinist. 

The dinner will be concocted right in front of you. You can expect prawns, lobster, octopus, an assortment of salads, lamb, beef and so many more, made from the freshest ingredients. Just make your choice!

-         Long Beach Mauritius
Special Friday Sega Shows: Lobster BBQ and Seafood buffet 

If you wish for a charming beach dinner accompanied with an entertaining Sega show—the typical Mauritian Sega—bonfire, and an exquisite lobster BBQ and seafood open buffet, Long Beach Mauritius Hotel offers you a unique opportunity to make your dreams come true at its exclusive seafood restaurant, the Tides Restaurant, every Friday. Depending upon seasons, you can expect to have: octopus, shrimp, marlin, Sacrechien, lobster, dorado, tuna, calmari and so much more!

As for the other days of the week (Monday – Thursday), the beach dinner is offered with an à la carte menu so as to better cater for the varied taste of its clients.

-         Tamarina Hotel
Special Saturday Lobster Menu

Tamarina’s Restaurant La Plage offers you a special lobster menu exclusively on Saturdays with: lobster flan, lobster carpaccio, grilled lobster, accompanied with a tropical salsa, vegetables fricassée, Creole rice, crustacean sauce and dessert.
On the other days, you can choose between 7 different seafood menus with oyster, calamari, baby fish, giant prawns, and of course, lobster. 

Special candlelight dinners are also organized upon request, in case you would want to savor the dishes with your beloved one. At extra cost, entertainment can also be included, from a single guitarist to a trio band—you choose. 

-         Veranda Resorts, Palmar Beach
Special themed beach dinners on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays: Pirates Night or Creoles Night

If you are seeking to get away from the purely romantic atmosphere and go into some excitement, then this might be the right place for you. The pirates and creoles have both been two different sources of mysticism in the history of Mauritius. Even though everybody knows their history, very few people today can actually relate to them. Veranda Resorts, Palmar Beach gives you a not-to-miss opportunity. 

Either the Pirates Night or Creoles Night is organized every 3 days of the week, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays, depending upon existing conditions. For the Pirates Night, expect BBQ menus with chicken, lamb meat, fish, and/ or beef, accompanied with soups, salads and desserts. The Creoles Night will introduce you to different dishes including octopus, fish, beef, chicken, seafood and many more. 

For the other days of the week, an à la carte menu is offered. The restaurant also has two set menus which you can choose from: a lobster menu and a seafood menu. Entertainment is catered for upon request. 

-         Le Preskil
Tuesdays: BBQ menu on the beach

Every Tuesday, Le Preskil organizes its special BBQ menu on its beautiful turquoise beach with a trio music band to liven up the beach atmosphere. For the open buffet menu you can find chicken, beef, sausages, giant prawns, marlin and other seafood accompanied by salads and other dressings.

Good beach, good food and good music – enjoy the good evening!

-         Intercontinental Hotel, Balaclava
Wednesdays and Saturdays: Special themed beach dinners 

The white sand at Intercontinental is a splendor; the blue turquoise lagoon looks like gems; the sunset is fire. Everything you need for enduring romance is there. 

Every Wednesday and Saturday, Intercontinental holds its special themed beach dinners organized by the main restaurant. An exquisite Mauritian buffet with BBQ is offered accompanied by entertainment to suit and enhance the atmosphere: Sega dance/ Typical Asian dance/ Trio band, etc. Let the theme of the day just blow your mind away!

As for the other days of the week, an à la carte menu is offered with the type of entertainment that you want—and everything to match the clients’ personal preferences. Submit yourself wholly to the charm, and live in one of those evenings you will remember for days to come. 

-         Hotel Le Bougainville

Le Bougainville usually offers the beach dinner upon request with 3 menus to choose from: lobster menu, giant prawns menu and a special menu (as per your taste) for special occasions such as wedding anniversaries and honeymoons. 

Generally, the lobster menu is offered on a routine basis on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. 

The good thing about Le Bougainville is that if you are on your honeymoon or celebrating your wedding anniversary as a client of the hotel, you do not have to pay a supplement. The staff will happily organize something special for you.

-         Veranda Resorts, Pointe aux Biches

Veranda Resorts might be the ideal place to grab the typical romantic experience; it is usually not crowded and situated on the northwest coast, so you can have a marvelous view of the sun setting. Usually, an à la carte menu is offered but you can also choose from the set seafood menu and chicken menu. 

-         Maritim Hotel, Balaclava

Located at Turtle Bay, the island’s first Marine National Park, in the North West, which is considered to be the sunniest region of Mauritius, le Maritim will offer you a sunset that is clad with colours. More so, hop on one of the big rocks on the beach and feel the romance of the air and sea as you enjoy the Titanic position with your partner.

Dinners are organized on request with an à la carte menu. The hotel staff will do their best to accommodate each of your personal requests, including entertainment.

-         Anahita The Resort, Beau Champ GRSE

At Anahita, the food is of your choice— ‘sincerely yours’. You just have to mention what you want to eat and the staff will make arrangements to have it on your plate, served on the pristine beach with beacons illuminating your surrounding and rendering it more romantic. Anahita has a reputation for elegance. The romantic experience is defined by you, so the entertainment is catered for upon request. For honeymooners, Anahita offers a special set menu which you can choose if you want to escape the planning and still, enjoy the refined cuisine.


There are many other hotels and restaurants around the coastland where you can have the beach dinner you want. If you just want an experience (and a bit of surprises with it), then go give it a try. But if it is for a special occasion of your life, then be sure to inform the staff of your requirements so that they can plan for you the beach dinner tailored out of your dreams!

Nature will weave you wonders and create a magical evening in which you can relax intimately with your partner, or in the friendly company of your family and friends. Take advantage of the magnificent Mauritian sunset as backdrop and elegant restaurants onsite, and enjoy a unique beach dining experience. 


** Most of the hotels welcome outside customers, but this is dependent on their occupancy rates. During peak hotel seasons, hotels could be fully booked, so you might look for the independent restaurants instead.

** Whether the beach dinner can be organized will, of course, depend on weather conditions.

Vociferations + Reflections = A random set of paragraphs I cannot be bothered to expand because they fall outside my time frame

I hate waiting. I hate it to the core. It steals away part of my life, making me feel expended, wasted, permanently consumed. There is so much to do. There is always so much to do. Yet, I swallow up my pride and I wait. So many times. For hours, and hours, I can wait, consoling myself in the fact that I am practising something I consider to be beyond the limits of my endurance. Foolishly repeating it so many times. Well, not so foolishly. I only wait when I think it is worth it (and I rarely think it is worth it). Nevertheless, it essentially, after considering all sides of the debate, remains a waste of time. I guess I also hate myself for doing it.

The best way to repent for your mistakes is to rectify them. Not sit and cry in some corner. There is no better, no neater, no truer, no more genuine way to show repentance than to go and correct what you did in some idiotic past. If you made someone cry, then make that person laugh. If you offend someone, find a way to console. You forget important dates, then create things worth remembering. You hate someone, doesn't matter, you will soon love the person you seek to hurt. Learn to gather up the dung you throw unto the soil. Clean it.

It amuses me how adroitly, perhaps intentionally, people can manage to fabricate disjunct realities, subtly transposing them from the realms of their own fantasy. Don’t like someone? Go make him angry.

It takes a humongous amount of effort to make me speak about myself. Yes, 'make me', and that, is often offensive to whoever embarks upon the outstretched spinous path. The last time someone succeeded in trying this was after 2 years of continuous probing and endless assurances. Of great toil. Of meritorious endurance. I honestly love her for not giving up. I truly can never fathom how traumatic it would be talking to me when you couldn't understand what you really were talking about. It so isn't about me not being able to trust people. I do trust them. I trust many of them. But I do not undress myself in front of everyone I trust. I know, a great many can do it, and quite effortlessly. I guess it's natural to speak when you do not have anything to reveal.

I forget things. I forget many things about myself. And I guess I have a habit of forgetting because I'd dubiously be better off if I forgot. Sometimes I hear tunes that remind me of a certain past. Sometimes it's a particular smell. Or a particular place. Or perhaps even a particular fruit. I just listened to a song that brought back memories of some exceptional, grandiose moments from the forgotten timeline of my life. It's a feeling I'm afraid I would ruin if I tried explaining in words. Those moments that remind me I loved myself. Once upon a time.

As much as pure Mathematics can explain nature's physical harmony, Statistics can reveal out the contranatural reality of relationships.

Much of the Economics we fail to understand, more so apply, relies on the subtle fact that empirical regularities are treated as gospels. The glad thing, though, is it remains a foundation precisely due to the common man's ignorance of the study, of the supreme play behind a facade of theories and a masquerade of benevolent progression.

The only thing I have to say about finance-- upto now-- is that people learn it because they want to earn loads and loads and loads of money, fool lots and lots and lots of people, and avoid becoming a subgroup of the fool pool. 

The problem with politics is, everyone stands on the same ground, but plays a different game. 

Anger is pain that hasn't sought to manifest itself in any other way.

Having a good social life isn't a standard of the abundance of people you know; it's how you relate the people who know you when they don't need you to the people whom you know and don't need.

If it is part of every rule to have an exception, then no rule shall be broken.

Just like no one owes you anything, no one owns you. 

Quite ironical how those who epitomize love on screen are incapable of it in real life. 

There are some people you'd want to remain with, until you've known them; and others, you wouldn't know, until you've departed from them.

I am ashamed of living my life in a way that makes it seem I will live on forever. 

I respect adversity, for it marvels me about myself.

You look at me and make me exist. 

Is love, having a pillow?
I love the smell of water.