Monday, 2 April 2012

One sign of yours can help a nation get back home

Read the article, won't take much of your time:

Sign here:!/petition/us-government-must-redress-wrongs-against-chagossians/gPRF7hmz?

The Chagossians are a small nation, some living in the Seychelles, some in Mauritius and others scattered wherever in the world where there presence barely matters. We all value our homeland. The reason am asking you to sign it is because numbers matter for the White House. The Chagossians are few in number. They live in destitute conditions. Chances they get access to the internet and can use it are minimal. But you can. It will barely take two minutes of your time. It does not get you into trouble simply by signing a petition. An account is required if you don't have one. Just your name and email address, that's it.

It's a sad fact that injustices are committed to minorities the most and when they ask for help-- or merely, for attention-- size matters more than the gravity of their troubles. 

Please do sign it. Remember that there is time only till the 4th of April. Today, they need your help. Tomorrow, you might be the one needing it.

Thank you.

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